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Hanlin Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd quality control 0   QC is important in Hanlin!

From research and development, manufacturing to delivery, we use advanced technology, high-quality raw materials, and skilled workers, in the whole life cycle of products, there are strict quality control, review, testing systems and processes to ensure that our products meet the requirements of users.

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Rigorous New Products Producing Workflow

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Advanced Technical Team

In terms of software and design, our company has been maintaining close cooperation with Huazhong University of Science and Technology and the Fluid Machinery Engineering Research Center of Jiangsu University and other colleges and research institutes, using the most advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in the world to professionally compare the designed products.

The analysis of the internal flow field, relying on computer-aided engineering (CAE) through ANSYS, ABAQUS and other finite element theory software programs, to conduct professional process analysis of the casting and punching process, the transient temperature field of solidification, and the transient temperature field of air quenching by computers; using CAD, FLUENT and other design&simulation analysis softwares, plus pump optimization theory to further analyze the flow field simulation in the impeller components and the flow field simulation in the sheath, ensure that the product design and process are complete, advanced and efficient.


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Strict Quality Test

The pre-furnace analysis uses a photoelectric direct-reading spectrometer for sampling and analysis, which can measure the content of 15 elements in the standard sample with an accuracy of about 99.8%.
After the semi-finished product is processed, the composition and hardness of the workpiece are sampled and classified by a handheld spectrometer and a Leeb hardness tester.

After the whole machine is assembled, the microcomputer performance test is carried out by the water pump testing center. 

All the products must be tested qualified before delivery.

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