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Gas Water Supply Chemical Dosing Device Oil Refining Thermoelectric Pharmaceutical

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Gas Water Supply Chemical Dosing Device Oil Refining Thermoelectric Pharmaceutical
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Usage: Dosing
Field: Use In Oil, Chemicals, Oil Refining, Natural Gas, Water Supply, Thermoelectric, Pharmaceutical, Food Dosing
Categories: Simple Dosing Device, Integrated Dosing Device, Splitting Dosing Device
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Thermoelectric Chemical Dosing Device


Pharmaceutical Chemical Dosing Device


Pharmaceutical Dosing Device

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HL
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: HL-DD-xx
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: standard export packing
Delivery Time: 6-8 weeks
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 200 Sets/month
Product Description

Complete Set Of Dosing Devices, Oil, Chemicals, Oil Refining, Gas, Water Supply, Thermoelectric, Pharmaceutical Dosing

Complete Set of Dosing Devices



  • JY series dosing device of Hanlin aims to meet the needs of the particular, for satisfying the production automation requirements in several industries, covering oil, chemicals, oil refining, natural gas, water supply, thermoelectric, pharmaceutical, food and others. It adopts advanced production technology of US, Germany and Japan, in strict accordance with the process specifications. It is suitable for different conditions with strong conformity, advanced technology, and higher automation. Besides, the company can design non-conventional products according to user's special needs.
  • JY series dosing device is widely used in the boiler-water dosing (ammonia, hydrazine, phosphate), raw water dosing (flocculant, coagulant, acid, alkali), circulating water dosing (inhibitor, corrosion inhibitors, fungicides, concentrated sulfuric acid, lye), chemical additives dosing of oil and gas fields, waste water and sewage treatment dosing etc.
  • JY series dosing device components: solution tank, stirrer, level gauge, metering pump, filter, buffer, safety valve, various valves, electrical control part, platform escalator, common base, pipe etc.

Major Features

Complete set of dosing devices includes the following three categories: simple dosing device, integrated dosing device, splitting dosing device

  • Simple dosing device

The simple dosing device is equipped with the small dosing pump, stirrer, level switch and other accessories. They all are directly installed in the dosing barrel. With flexible allocation, small space occupation, high cost-effectiveness, it is very suitable for the small dosage. Other optional accessories: injection valve, pulse damper, counter balance valve, control cabinet and so on.

  • Integrated dosing device

Integrated dosing device refers to integrated installation, that is, solution tank, stirrer, level gauge, dosing pump, control cabinet, platform escalator and other supporting accessories (such as safety valves, dampers, check valves, etc.) all are installed on a channel base.

According to the combination of dosing device, it covers various kinds, such as "one tank-one pump", "a tank-two pumps", "two tanks-two pumps", "two tanks-three pumps", "two tanks-four pumps", and multi-tank with pumps, etc.

According to the control mode, it includes basic type and smart type. The basic type is an open-rack dosing control system. The necessary accessories can be selected to meet the more accurate dosing requirements.

Smart dosing control system refers to open-loop control of achieving a fixed proportion, it can also realize closed-loop automatic control based on a given parameter signal, and communicate with the host computer. The advantages of integrated dosing device are as follows:

  1. Stable performance, compact structure, and small occupation;
  2. Convenient operation and strong combination ability;
  3. Powerful function, rich accessories, and flexible function extension;
  4. Beautiful appearance, diverse structure and flexible configuration;
  5. Design a specific dosing system based on user requirements.
  • Splitting dosing device

Splitting dosing device is used in some special conditions, such as large dosage amount, special dosing medium, at this time, it is not convenient to integrate the solution box with the dosing pump. If the customer has a large solution tank, the dosing pump block shall be mounted separately from the solution tank, then connect its inlet with the outlet of solution tank by pipe. This device is called splitting dosing device. The solution tank can be a large PE cans, stainless steel cans or cement ponds etc. While the dosing pump block is decided by dosing point number, generally the single-pump type, multi-pump type. Pipeline is fixed by a bracket, with small occupation and reasonable structure. Dosing pump block base is made of high intensive channel. Pipeline is fixed by a bracket, with small occupation and reasonable structure.


Selection Form

Client name  
Device name   Qty. (set)  
Operating parameters  
Medium name   Medium temperature (C)  
Concentration (%)   Solution density (kg/m3)  
Dosing point   Dosing flow rate (L/h)  
Counter balance pressure of dosing point (Mpa)  

Dosing distance(m)

Work state □ Discontinuous  □ Continuous
Installation location □ Indoor □ Outdoor □ Open area □ Shelter
Structure parameters  
Solution tank volume (m3)   Solution tank number (pcs)  
Material □ Stainless steel  □ Carbon steel □ Carbon steel foil □ Nonmetal □ Others
Metering pump type

□ Mechanical diaphragm  □ Hydraulic  diaphragm        

□ Plunger-type pump

Quantity Piece
Metering pump flow rate (L/h)   Metering pump pressure (Mpa)  
Control Mode □ Manual adjustment  □ Automatic adjustment
Pipe Material □ Stainless steel  □ Carbon steel  □UPVC  □ Others




Note: 1. this table shall be filled in detail by the user in the purchase of equipment;

          2. If the user makes special requirements in following aspects, such as accessories brand, device material, control mode, system color, please specify in "Others" column, or directly communicate with sales staff and technical personnel of my company.

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